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Definitely yes!!

At Jumia, we are specifically committed to the most affordable e-purchase experience’s delivery. As so, we are mostly advertising and proposing products that was internally checked and we do not hesitate to take actions to have every untrusted or signaled item banished from our website, as well for doubtful suppliers.

Nonetheless, in the eventuality that you may encounter or suffer from an untrusted item on the website, we will like you to inform us through email at[email protected]

No, no need if you already have an account. Otherwise you will be ask to create an account upon checking out

Buying on jumia is easy.! Once you have found the product you want to buy, just follow the steps below:

  • Click on "buy now", and the product will be added to your cart automatically.
  • When you have finished your shoping, click on your "Basket" at the top right corner of your computer.
  • After clicking on your Basket, all Items in your cart will be displayed on a table. On this page, you can remove products or continue your shoping in case you forgot to add an item.
  • When the "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button is clicked, you will be ask to Register or Log in to your account by entering your email and password

    If you don't have an account, you will need to create one for your Order to be received and processed.

  • Next, you have to enter your shipping / billing information,
  • Choose your preferred payment method,
  • Click on "Confirm Order" to access the payment and finalize your order.

Once your order has been placed, we will automatically confirm it by e-mail or we will call you back for confirmation in case we need more details. Please note that this confirmation is a mandatory step before shipping your order. If you have any doubts about the confirmation, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at 696 666 601 or [email protected]few hours after your order.

You can choose from the different payment methods available on jumia. Please find below the list of available payment methods:

You can find the payment methods during the last step when confirmaing your purchase. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for more information.

Step 1: Save your return request
  1. Option 1: Go to my account - create your return and you're done!
  2. Option 2: Call our customer service at 696 666 601 or [email protected] for help.
Step 2: Package your product
  • Package your product according to the return conditions.
  • Add any packs, accessories or gifts you have received
Step 3: Return your product
  1. If you have requested a pickup, we will contact you to arrange an appointment.
  2. If you have chosen a deposit, we will deposit your package at the location chosen according to the instructions given (no shipping charges will apply).

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There are no hidden costs or fees when placing your order on jumia. All charges are 100% visible at the end of the checkout process.

We will send you regular updates on the status of your order via e-mails and SMS once your order has left our warehouse and is on the way for delivery. You can also track its status by entering your order number. followed on

Products and Prices

We are committed to offering our customers 100% genuine and original products. We also take all necessary steps to ensure that any vendor selling non-genuine products is immediately evicted form the Jumia's Sellers platform.

Please send an e-mail [email protected] if you think a product on our website does not meet these standards.

Jumia’s core business is brand new products sale, apart from laptops (computers) which are commonly sold after having been renewed but whose quality and warranties make us confident with the idea of proposing them to our buyers.

Therefore, in the eventuality that you may have any doubt about a product displayed on our website regarding this aspect or that you have undergone a used product delivery, please let us know by texting us at [email protected]

Your biggest chance to catch a product on Jumia lies on our Category grid at the top right if your screen. Thus, using it you can have a clean overview of the whole products available on our site according to their type and utility.

Otherwise, in the eventuality that you might be a wise buyer or consumer and that you have a specific view of the products you are interested into, we also provided a search bar at the top of your screen and within which you can type the name or some specification related to the products you might be looking for.

Be reassured ! There isn’t any.

With Jumia the whole fees’ information related to your purchases on or any other service, are displayed and not registered until you have validated the checkout, this, in order to fulfill our promise of total transparency and confidence into every operation on a Jumia websites.
Therefore, unless you validated without realizing or checking the provided information, there is no risk that you could be charged of mysterious fees

Unfortunately, since they are not Jumia's property, articles' prices on the site are not negotiable.
They belong to sales partners who have agreed following our request, to review their price in order to give each buyer the possibility of an unforgettable shopping experience.
Also, in case of concern relative to a fund availability, do not bother!
At Jumia we do not limit our efforts to provide a wide products and prices range for each category in order to fit every buyer's expectation.

Nothing unusual, in fact ????.
As it is a Mall, Jumia is an open market to different service providers or sellers willing to advertise on products they are promoting.
This might implies that you find a single product proposed by different sellers and at different prices. Sure, but it equally opens the possibility of a real prices contest profitable to every buyer.

Concerning the products displayed on that require an installation, Jumia is unfortunately not able to assume any responsibility

Thus, unless some specific exceptions related to the suppliers of the desired products are included, it is recommended to each purchaser to ensure he/she can benefit from a qualified technician's assistance before proceeding with a product's purchase that would require an advanced setting or installation.

Therefore, please, always check the description of the ordered product for more details on its installation. In case of any doubt, please contact us at 696 666 601 or via[email protected].

Jumia offers you the possibility to return your products within the 7 days following your delivery. Beyond these 7 days, the potential problems relating to your products will be under the seller’s responsibility only, provided that the concerned products are under guarantee.

For any product covered by a guarantee, a warranty period should be displayed on the right of the product image or will be contained in the main information of this article. The "see details" section on the product page will also help you to access such detail.

In case of any doubt, please contact us at 696 666 601 or [email protected].

Guarantees are covered by sellers, not by Jumia. You can request a warranty by submitting your product and warranty card to an authorized service center of the seller. Feel free to contact our customer service at 696 666 601 or [email protected] to be provided with all the contact details of the seller's service center of your product.

Please refer to the details of the manufacturer (or service center) on the warranty card supplied with your product or go to your product page on and look for warranty / service center information in the "description" tab. If there is no warranty card, please refer to the user manual or product packaging for details or contact our customer service at 696 666 601 or [email protected] so that we can help you solve the problem.

Product warranty conditions may change over time. Be assured, you will be entitled to the conditions indicated on the warranty card at the time of purchase.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at 696 666 601 or [email protected] so that we can help you solve the problem.

In this case do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at 696 666 601 or [email protected] so that we can help you solve the problem.

The warranty on your product must start from the date of the order. Please contact our customer service team at [email protected] if it's not the case.

Always follow the instructions on the warranty card provided by the mark.

The warranty terms of a product may change over time. Be assured, you will be entitled to the terms listed on the warranty card at the time of purchase.

Even if you have lost your warranty card, you can still ask for a guarantee by presenting your Jumia invoice to an authorized service center.


Shopping on Jumia is quite simple

Search freely for items that you would like to obtain on the search bar at the top center of your page and click on "Buy now", to gradually add them to your cart. Subsequently, as soon as your products' selection is over, you will just have to click on "Finalize".

Please, note that during the order registration process, you will be asked to fill in some information:-

  • Your phone numbers
  • Your address or location, with city, neighborhood, street or any other landmark, knowing that our delivery services are operational from Monday to Friday between 09:00AM & 05:00 PM
  • Your preferred payment method
  • Your order withdrawal method (Door-to-Door delivery or pick up at a Jumia Pick up Station)
  • Choose your preferred payment option,

Once your order is validated, you will be contacted by our services for confirmation or crucial additional information gathering.

* Also, in case of doubt about the validation of your orders, our services remain at your disposal at 696 666 601 or via [email protected] during the usual working hours.

Thanks to our automatic order tracking system, you are informed by mail and SMS of every major progress of your orders.

Thus, whenever one of your orders has been validated or put in shipment for delivery, you should receive an email or an SMS mentioning it.

In case you would have recently ordered on our site and you would have not received any, please let us know by calling at 696 666 601 or via [email protected]

Once your orders are registered on our site, we send you updates on the progress of their deliveries by email or SMS

Equally, in order to give you more control over your ordering process, you can also track your Package progress by entering your order number (or product identification number) under the "Help" tab at the top right of your screen or through

Generally, the delivery delays are indicated within each product's information, on your favorite site!

These include the product's pickup time from its supplier and its delivery by our services.

Furthermore, we also offer a Premium delivery service for selected brands named Jumia Express. Thus, each eligible product for the "Jumia Express" can be delivered within 1 business day in Douala, and 2 working days in Yaounde, Buea & Limbe, provided that, it was ordered before 02:00 PM.

For more information on Jumia Express Click HERE .

  • You can rely on our Customer Support Service in case of product or order cancellation query.
  • However, in case of shipment of your product(s), our agents will unfortunately not be able to interrupt the delivery process; hence, the need to mention it sufficiently in advance.

* As soon as your products' dispatch has been initiated, you automatically receive an e-mail announcing it.

We are sorry about the fact that your order is delayed.

You can track its progress by submitting your tracking number via https: / /

If your Package status has not change for more than 48 hours after the expected delivery date, please contact our Online Support Team at 696 666 601 or through [email protected] .

If you are having trouble placing products in your online shopping cart, make sure you have made all the color and size's selections you need, to proceed with your operation.

If you still have problems, it may mean that the item you are trying to buy has run out of stock

Do not hesitate, in such case, to contact our helpdesk at 696 666 601 or via customer service @ .

First of all, it is essential for you to check the relative order at https: / .

Despite the fact you are informed by email when your orders are canceled or modified, some crucial information may go unnoticed.

However, if after another verification you do not discover any information that can justify the extension of the delivery delays, please contact our customer service at 696 666 601 or [email protected] so that we can carry out an investigation.

A copy of the invoice for your item should always be sent with your order.

In the event you may have not received any bill, you can contact our helpdesk at 696 666 601 or via [email protected] to obtain from the item’s supplier, the issuance of a compliant invoice.

Thanks to a very proactive vision from our services and, in order to allow you to "really" benefit from the best of the e-trade, Jumia also allow you to discover in exclusivity, some products whose official sale have not been formalized yet, and even to reserve them as "preorder".

For these orders, the delivery procedure will be started from the official release of the relative products, and you will be informed in advance, indeed, so that you prepare to explode with joy.


You have the possibility to choose among different payment methods proposed on Jumia during the order process:

This is part of the last step of the order registration process on Jumia.

For more information, feel free to contact us at 696 666 601 or via [email protected]

The "Cash On Delivery" (CoD) the payment option at delivery.

This is the default payment method; it allows you, as a buyer, to benefit from a physical verification of your order before payment. You will therefore be expected to provide your transaction's amount in cash to the delivery agent at your service.


  • For reasons related to inventory and transactions security, some products, regions, or pickup stations may not be eligible for this payment method.
  • Jumia coupons cannot replace cash payments expected at the time of delivery.

The Mobile Payment is a very popular money transaction method in Western Africa. Developed by some Mobile operators and ordinarily designed for the region, it allows users to carry out monetary transactions from everywhere, avoiding them from being caught with cash while purchasing.

By ordering with the mobile payment method, beyond the security aspects, you have the possibility to make a surprise to your acquaintances.

As matter of fact, you would avoid your friends to pay for the service and thus, help them benefit of an unforgettable experience ✨????✨

Unfortunately, this service is not yet implemented on the Jumia Cameroon’s site.

We expect it to be available soon, however, in order to meet our users need of a secured transaction method, we allow the bank deposit payments through the following account.


Account number:

  • Bank - Counter - Account No. – Key
  • 10029 - 00002 - 01221754807 - 66



(...) and we also recommend Mobile Payment (capped at 500.000FCFA max) which provide you with equally interesting security levels

It's quite simple to use a discount voucher !

Once your items selection on Jumia is done and you went successfully through the first 3 steps of the checkout process providing your delivery information, you will reach the fourth step where you will have to enter the code in an authorized space and validate it. By doing this, your invoice details will change accordingly to your voucher's value.

Click ▶ HERE in order to get an illustration...

If after validating the code, no change occurs, contact us at 696 666 601 or [email protected] so that one of our agents can assist you.

Indeed !
The Jumia's mobile app and mobile site offer the whole payment options and other functionalities, offered by the Jumia desktop version. Your experience is even expected to be much better, thanks to features aligning with the simplification era intended by the proliferation of the "Smartphones".

So, do not hesitate to get our mobile application available for free on Google Play Store and the Apple's App Store.

Following your order's validation on Jumia, the only fees you might have to pay for should be those of you invoice. As matter of fact, the total amount of every order will always include all taxes and necessary shipping costs and a total recap will be displayed to you before the order is validated.

Equally, in the event that your order is partially delivered, you will only have to pay for the delivered items whom amount will be indicated on the parcel or the invoice. Note that you should never be asked for additional money upon delivery, and if such would happen, please, reject the delivery and contact our Customer Service to inform us.

Note :

For international payments by bank deposit, you may be charged cross-border fees by your issuing bank because our payment processor is based outside of Cameroon. For more information on the exact charges, please contact your issuing bank

Given the risks that this would include in your deliveries tracking and management, it is not possible to choose more than one payment method at the same time.

This is part of our desire to simplify as much as possible the conduct of your operations, and at the same time, to reduce more again the order processing delay.

We are sorry but we do not offer payment on credit or installments for the moment.

Payments to operations on Jumia should always be in the distribution country's local currency. For instance, in the case of Cameroon, this should be in CFA Franc.

When your discount voucher's value is inferior to the total amount of your order, you are enabled to select an additional payment method to finalize the order.

Therefore, you will only have to pay the gap according to the payment method you will have chosen.

Some of your purchase elements may have failed the eligibility requirements for the cash on delivery method. Please, make sure you:

  1. Do not have a high orders cancellation or delivery failures rate (direct consequence of the cash on delivery method suspension from users account)
  2. To have chosen only,
    • a ...eligible items for the cash on delivery method
    • eligible delivery location (location or Pick-up Station) to the cash on delivery method.

Returns & Refunds

Apart from foreign products (Jumia Global), every product sold on can be returned free of charge, provided that they meet the eligibility conditions for items' return!

For any difficulty that you might encounter about a product purchased on our platform, it would be interesting to inform our Customer Service by call or e-mail at first glance.

That said, in order to guarantee a short duration resolution time for your issue, it is highly recommended to immediately proceed to the related article's drop-off at the closest Jumia Pick-Up Station. This would allow you to provide full details to the delivery agents available and thus, will guarantee a processing time of your return reduced by two!

NB: The product you would return ought to be as it was delivered (its state), and in case of deterioration the return might be rejected.

Step 1: Submit your return request option 1:
  1. Access your account through the My Oder section
  2. Click on the "Details" tab to unleash the "Return" button and you're done!
option 2:
  1. Contact us at 696 666 601 or via [email protected]
  2. You will be required to provide the related item’s information in order to be assisted in your return request procedure.
Step 2: Pack your item
  • Pack the item according to our return conditions.
  • Include any tags, accessories or gifts you would have received along with the item.
Step 3: Return your product
  1. If you have chosen to perform a deposit, simply drop your parcel at the location chosen according to the instructions given on the site.
  2. If you have requested a pickup, we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

NB: The submission of your return request being the essential element for the proper follow-up of your claim, omitting it could lead to an extension of the duration of the procedure.

You can initiate your return request within the 7 Days following a delivery.

For example, if you received your order on the 5th, you have until the 12th (assuming it's a business day) to request a return.

After what, provided that the item is under warranty, you might have to reach the supplier’s After Sales Service or representation.

Sorry but unfortunately, returns are accepted only within the Jumia's 7-days return period.

However, in the case a product is embedded with the "manufacturer" warranty, you can require the authorized service center of the brand (the supplier)'s assistance.

For more details, feel free to reach our support service at [email protected]

Sorry, but the articles' conformity checking has to be performed at the delivery, with the delivery agent witnessing .

As it can help us tightening our dispatch procedures' flaws, this is an absolute necessity for each customer to reject the items not matching while they are being delivered.

Thus, any item not rejected at delivery cannot be accepted upon return, unless for size issue or item's defectiveness

You can request a refund if:

  1. You canceled a prepaid order
  2. You declined a prepaid order on delivery
  3. You returned an order according to Jumia's 7-days return policy

Refunds are primarily made through discount coupons that always include your delivery charges

However, be reassured that you are equally reimbursable through the same payment method as the one used while purchasing on (mobile payment or bank transfer), despite the fact that this might lead to a longer refund delay.

We guarantee a refund within 10 days for any item returned as soon as it is recovered by our team, assuming that the return eligibility conditions have been respected indeed.

If you have requested a pickup, we will send you a tracking number through SMS as soon as the pickup is concluded. So then, you will be able to track your return by entering that tracking number on or from your Jumia account.

Actually, the delivery costs are included in the Jumia's reimbursement promise.

However, please, be extremely attentive in case of the refund of an article originating from an order including several one! The delivery costs can be divided by article, and thus you will only benefit from the reimbursement of the expenses attached to that single item.

No, you do not have to return your entire order. You can return some products.

Example: For an order of 5 items, you would be refunded of the item + 1/5 of the whole order's delivery charges.

As mentioned in the previous section, no product's shipping cost is expected to be charged

Nevertheless, it is not excluded, in the case you would be in an area or region not covered by our delivery network, that you would be led to dispatch the item by your own means.

For more detail, always contact our Customer Service at 696 666 601 or via [email protected]

Of course not !

Each article is subject to its own sale policy or to its provider's, so then, you have the possibility to return them individually according to their problem.

However, it should be noted that in the case of promotional or doubled items (2 in 1) they should not be dissociated so that their processing information (weight, quantity, etc ...) can be respected.

Once your product is received at our dispatch warehouse, we will perform additional checks in order to ensure the returned item meets the return requirements. When this is proven or validated, we will proceed with the refund as indicated in the "Assuming the refund is validated, by what means is it reimbursed ?" section

Please ensure your bank account is credited within 6 to 8 business days of accepting your return. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at 696 666 601 or [email protected] .

You will need to return your product, within 7 days after delivery, and place a new order when it becomes available again. Feel free to contact our customer service at 696 666 601 or customer service @ , which will offer you the closest replacement product for you.

If your return is not eligible for the refund but yet it is at our warehouse, then first of all we will call you to give you the exact reason. After what, we will organize the article's return as it would have been for any delivery.

However, note that we can perform only 3 return attempts, before the return is considered as impossible and the product is racked for a maximum of 60 days.

Please, don't be worried! Your account will be credited within 10 to 12 business days following your product return. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at 696 666 601 or via [email protected]

Assuming you have returned your product, within the 7 days following the delivery, you should be able to place a new order the new one as soon as it is available again.

But, do not hesitate to contact our Support Service at 696 666 601 or via [email protected] to be informed of the replacement products closest to your expectations.


Yes, indeed !

Every package can be delivered to any address, provided that the address is included within the areas covered by our logistics network.
The whole areas and their specifications in term of service are presented to you during the orders registration process. Just make sure you provided to us as many details as necessary to give the opportunity to the delivery agents to reach you

Obviously !

Our logistics network extends to most of the Cameroon's regions, to give more people the opportunity to benefit from our incredible products and offers
However, as mentioned in the previous section, it is essential to always check the availability of your city or region among the areas covered by Jumia before confirming your orders.

We do not provide abroad delivery for the moment.

Nevertheless, thanks to our different branches, we have the possibility to propose on the site, articles being on foreign grounds

For those, a particular indication on their images will allow you to distinguish them.

The delivery fees are not fixed in advance; they depend on your location towards the products you order, their volume or their quantity.
Of course, this is a detail that can only be verified during the order validation process, but you can either way have an overall overview of the fees by clicking on the link ▶ HERE

You could pick-up your item from one of our Pickup Station , indeed !

This is part of the delivery options available on the site. Though, you will need to choose that option as delivery method during the order registration process.

Following it, once the order is confirmed by our services, you will be notified of the package's arrival at the Pickup Station you chose, knowing that it can least there for up to 3 days maximum.

Equally as for the delivery fees, they vary depending on your location comparing to the selected products, but they also rely on their suppliers’ availability.

Nevertheless, thanks to the fast delivery option for every "Jumia Express" product, we also offer the possibility of delivery in 2 days maximum.

Click here for more details.

Equally as for the delivery fees, delivery delays may vary depending on your location comparing to the selected products, the delivery method you would have chosen, and also, their suppliers' drop off delay.

Yes, it is possible, assuming you have informed us before the order is shipped. Otherwise, the delivery will be attempted with the former information anyway.

In order to have them modified, you’ll need to contact us at 696 666 601 or through mail at [email protected]

We will send you regular notifications about your order status, by email and SMS.

Additionally, once your order is registered, you will also be able to follow its status by providing its tracking number on

Yes !

Our delivery service has the responsibility to contact you in order to confirm your availability and exact location at the time of the upcoming delivery.

That's why we make a focus on the fact that you should always provide us an accessible phone number and a landmark near your location between 9 am and 5 pm on business days.

Do not worry !

Our service will make 3 delivery attempts before concluding to an order's cancellation, what means you should be contacted during the next 2 days following the packages delivery’s 1st attempt.

Also, to enhance your chances of recovering your packages, you always receive by SMS or Email, your delivery agent's contact.


Under no circumstances should you accept an unsealed or damaged package delivery!

The risk you would be considered as guilty in case of defectiveness obliges us to warn you to always carry out a verification in the presence of the delivery agent at your disposal, because we will not accept any return of unsealed products (unless it is for a reason of defectiveness).

In case of any doubt or if you discover that the seal of an item has been tampered, please contact our support service immediately at 696 666 601 or through [email protected]

Please, first of all, be reassured that any information you may be able to give us about a Jumia agent's failure is an essential one for us!

Also, regarding our delivery agents specifically, we send you many satisfaction surveys by email amongst which, one centralized on your feeling towards their service. We would be grateful if you could submit them with as much detail as possible

Nonetheless, in case of a high issue, you can contact our support service at 696 666 601 or

[email protected]

Log in

  • Start by clicking on "My Account" and then "Register" in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  • You will then be asked to provide some basic information.
  • When you have provided the required information, click Submit to complete the registration process.
  • We will send you an email to welcome you to Jumia.
  • Click on "Your Account" and then "Sign In" in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Enter your registered email address and click "Continue."
  • Click on the "Forgotten Password" button to get an email on your registered account with instructions to set a new password.

To add an additional shipping address to your account:

  • Click on "Your Account" in the upper right corner of your screen (if you are logged in, you will see your name there).
  • Now click on "Address Book" on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on "Add new address", enter the details of the new address and click "Save this address".

To make sure that your account is always secure, multiple email addresses cannot be added. However, you can replace your current email address with a new one anytime from "Your Account".

To make sure your account is always secure, multiple email addresses cannot be added. However, you can replace your current email address with a new one at any time from "Your Account". Why do I need to provide my email address to sign up? Your e-mail address helps us to inform you in due time of your order. It also serves as a username and allows you to log in.

  • Click on "Your Account" in the upper right corner of your screen (if you are logged in, you will see your name there).
  • In the contact details area, click on "Change password"
  • Enter the required information and click on "Send"

Why not let him do it and come back to us whenever you want.

We miss you when you do not visit us, but we never deactivate your account unless you request it, or for exceptional cases of customers with a very high order rejection rate.

Jumia Express

Jumia Express items are stored in the Jumia warehouse, ensuring fast delivery without stock cancellations and the highest standards of quality storage. Jumia Express products are ordered before 2 pm and delivered within 1 business day to Lagos, and within 2 business days to Douala. Jumia Express items are delivered with the same shipping costs as other products and do not require any subscription: the choice of JumiaExpress items guarantees a premium at no additional cost! Click Here to learn more about Jumia Express.

Jumia Express is only available for selected products. To find out if a product is available on Jumia Express simply search for the Jumia Express logo on the product page. You can also use the Jumia Express filter to see only the items available on Jumia Express.

Yes, our deadlines for picking up your "returned" items (regardless of Jumia Express or not) are the same as those for delivering Jumia First Articles.

Jumia Global

In order to provide you with a wide assortment of genuine low-cost products, we extend the supply of our products not only to Cameroonian sellers but also to sellers from all over the world. These products, shipped from overseas, are marked "Jumia Global". These products are delivered one month after the confirmation of the order. Advance payment is required to purchase these products, and their return is accepted only for the defective reason. Read more

Jumia now allows you to carry out your purchases of products from sellers located abroad. These products will be brought by Jumia Nigeria and delivered to your door.

When you buy on Jumia, you will notice that some products are marked as "shipped from overseas". They also have the Jumia Global Logo under the product name. On the product pages, they are marked as "shipped overseas" in the upper right corner.

Warranty conditions vary by product, please see product pages for details. Product manuals, instructions and safety warnings may not be in the languages of the destination countries.

Prices include international shipping and customs. Jumia protects you against potential revaluations at customs clearance. Local delivery charges may be charged at checkout based on your address.

You can pay for your orders in CFA Franc using the online payment methods allowed on Jumia. Jumia Pay is also available to purchase goods abroad. Cash on delivery is not accepted.

Once your order has been shipped, Jumia cannot stop delivery when the import process has started. Cancellations are not allowed after confirmation of the order.

The delivery time is indicated on the product page under the seller's name. This delivery time is in working days, which means that it does not take into account weekend days and holidays. It includes time for the seller to complete the order, international delivery to Nigeria, customs clearance in Nigeria and the first attempt to deliver your order.

In case your item has not yet delivered to you within the estimated delivery time shown on the product page, please contact our customer service at 696 666 601 or [email protected] between 8 am and 8 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 5 pm on weekends for more clarification.
You will be able to inquire about the estimated delivery date and you will have the choice to cancel your order if the delivery time has not been respected.

On the site, using your order number and your email, as a local order

No, all products "shipped overseas" are delivered at no additional cost to you as the price includes customs and import duties. You are not required to pay additional duties or taxes. If customs or our logistics partner ask you to pay fees, please contact our customer service at 696 666 601 or [email protected] between 8 am and 8 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 5 pm on weekends for more details.

For items marked as "Overseas", returns are only accepted for the following reasons:

Reason Description
Defective productx The item is damaged on delivery or not according to the manufacturer's specifications
Bad product If you receive products different from what you ordered

For example, we do not accept returns if the size does not match or if the customer does not like the product (color, material, style). We encourage you to carefully check the full description of items and confirm that it will meet all your expectations before placing your order

You can know how to return your products Here.

Jumia sales campaigns

Prices for special events are active at the time mentioned with the details of the campaigns. Stay tuned for more details.

Usually, there is no restriction on the number of items you can buy but during special events like Black Friday and Mobile Week, we could place a restriction on some items of the application so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy our special offers.

Jumia ensures that all items ordered during special events such as Black Friday and Mobile Week are delivered within the delivery time as communicated on the product page. These may vary from the usual delivery timeline, so check the delivery line information of the product page at the time of ordering.

If your order was placed while the special promotional prices were active, that's all you have to pay.

Sell on Jumia

Jumia is Cameroon's largest e-commerce center. With more than 6,000,000 visits each month, it gives you access to sell and deliver goods in cities throughout Cameroon. click for more information.

If you sell new and authentic products, you can sign up immediately by visiting www.jumia. cm / marketplace and completing a short form. Within 3 working days, someone from our team will contact you to guide you through the rest of the process.

If you sell new and authentic products, you can sign up immediately by visiting www.jumia. cm / marketplace and completing a short form. Within 3 working days, someone from our team will contact you to guide you through the rest of the process.

If you sell new and authentic products, you can sell on Jumia. to learn more. .

Listing products on Jumia is totally free! Jumia does not charge you for registering your products online. You only pay a small commission for what you sell. You can find out the commission charged for your product category by contacting us on [email protected]

Privacy and Security

If you think that your intellectual property right has been violated by one of our sellers, you can send us an email to [email protected] . Click for more information .

We really take safety seriously at Jumia. If you are a technology guru and you have found a problem that has a real impact, you can report it to [email protected] with the neccessary details:

  1. Steps to reproduce the bug / problem.
  2. Name of your web browser / mobile browser or application and version.
  3. Screenshot / screenshoot (if any).