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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and tips on how to sell & buy items fast and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

About deals.jumia.cm

What is deals.jumia.cm?
deals.jumia.cm is a free classified ads website where you can buy and sell almost anything in your city. It only takes 2 minutes to post an ad and it's 100% free!
Is it Free to use deals.jumia.cm?
Yes, deals.jumia.cm is 100% FREE and will always be.
How can I find an item on deals.jumia.cm?
It is easy to go to deals.jumia.cm: select your city and start looking for items now!
How it works?

Managing Ads

How do I post an ad?
Post your ad by clicking on the button Post Free Ad. Fill in the information concerning your ad, upload pictures and click on Post Free Ad.
How can I edit my ad?
To edit your ad, click on the edit link you received in the email when posting your ad. Or login with your email and password by clicking on My Account. All ads are manually reviewed by our team so it can take up to 30 minutes until your changes appear online.
How do I add pictures to my ad?
To add pictures to your ad, follow the same steps of editing your ad. add images by clicking on the + button and wait for your ad to be reviewed.
How long will my ad appear on the website?
Your ad will be visible for a period of 90 days on the website. If you sell your item before the expiration date, please delete your ad. If not, you will be able to reactivate your ad after it expires.
How and why should I delete my ad?
You can delete your ad when you have sold your item or decided it is no longer for sale. To do so, please access your ad and click on the Delete post button. Enter your password and then choose the reason why you are deleting your ad, then click on Delete Ad.
How can I share my ad on social media?
You can share you ad on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media. Go to your ad page and click on the icon of the social media you want to share it on. Otherwise just copy and paste the link of your ad on the website of your choice.

Promote my ad

What is a VIP service?
Posting an ad will always be free. A VIP service allows to highlight the ad by placing it in the special position for VIP ads.
What type of VIP service can I buy?
To learn more about the different VIP services we sell, please visit our “Promote your ad” page.
How much does it cost ?
The cost depends on the type of service you choose and the duration (1 day, 3 days or 7 days). To learn more about the different types of services we offer, please visit our information page. Please note all prices are subject to change.
I bought a VIP service but I do not see my ad in the dedicated space for VIP members
If you do not see your VIP ad immediately after paying, it is possible that:
  • Your ad is being validated by our team
  • All VIP ads are displayed with equal importance. Currently you see VIP ads from other VIP members but if you refresh the page or go to next page then you can see other VIP ads and one of them can be yours
  • You are not in the right category or region (VIP ads are displayed on the home page and in the category of the listing. For example: a VIP couch ad will not be seen in the category Electronics

Account & Registration

How do I register an account?
If you register on deals.jumia.cm, your own personal account will be created. Your account will help you manage all your ads using one interface and one single password. You can then edit, delete and manage all your ads easily.
How do I manage my ads?
To manage your ads, go to your account by clicking on My account at the top of the page. An overview of the ads you posted will appear and you will be able to choose any ad you need to manage.
Do I have to register to use deals.jumia.cm?
You can browse and post your ads on deals.jumia.cm without any registration. However it is strongly recommended to register so that you can enjoy the full experience of the website.