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Itel Launched by Hong Kong-based Transsion Holdings, Itel Mobile says its goal is to provide cost-effective, high-specification mobile devices. he was born in 2007 understanding the desire of people to connect. More and more people need to communicate via mobile phones Itel , resulting in incredibly fast demand growth. Itel's first priority has always been to widen the connection between people. With years of development, itel has become a popular brand of smartphones on Africa and the world.

Jumia Cameroon offers Itel technology at a low price

With the belief that "simplicity is the essence of good taste", we have made every effort to ensure that our products are designed so that they are not only compact and elegant, but also easy to use. The last mobile launch of Itel is the A20. The smartphone was launched in December 2017. The phone comes with a touch screen of 4.00 inches, Android 7.0 and powered by a removable 1700mAh battery.

Itel: smartphones that improve your life

From entry-level models to high-end models, a wide selection of high-quality smart phones has been designed to provide easy access to convenient living, take high-quality photos, memorize your memories on video

Do not overlook the Features!

No need to sacrifice quality for the budget limit. Itel offers a variety of phones with convenient features, such as a wireless FM radio , a powerful battery, a HD display, etc.

Low cost telephony accessories

Jumia Cameroon offers original Itel mobile accessories and other brands designed for you, including power banks, bluetooth headset, bluetooth speaker, selfie stick, data cable, etc.