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How to change from an Android to the iPhone

Apple has a true legion of followers, especially when it comes to their most famous gadget – the iPhone. Every time a new version of the product comes out, consumers all over the world line up for hours in front of the local Apple store, just so they can get their hands on the newest version of the phone – even though you can easily buy used and new iPhones also online. Many of those who upgrade their Apple devices use online e-commerce platforms like Jumia Deals to advertise and sell their used iPhones – a great opportunity for someone who has never tried Apple before, but is still thinking about going from an Android to an iPhone. And if that is your case, finding a great offer is just the first step. Changing between different phones from the same brand is usually easy and quick, but transferring data from one operating system to another is a much more complicated operation. Which is why we created a guide on how to change from an Android to the iPhone – by understanding how to transfer your data from Google’s operating system to the Apple’s iOs, you can decide if switching brands is really a good idea for you.    

How to change from an Android to the iPhone:


Transferring your contacts

The simplest way to transfer your contacts from an Android phone to an iPhone is by using Gmail.
  • Create a Gmail account (or log in to an existing one) using your Android phone
  • Go to the phone’s settings and select “Sync accounts” – or a similar function – in order to transfers the phone numbers from your contact list to your email
  • On your new iPhone, go to settings, select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, go to “add account”, and synchronize your new phone with your Gmail account.
That easy trick should transfer all of your contacts from the Android phone to your new iPhone.  

Transferring your photos

Before you start transferring photos from an Android phone to an iPhone, make sure that you have enough storage space on your new device. Also check if any photos you already have on your new iPhone are backed up – this process will erase the existing files from the phone.
  • Backup the files on your Android phone to a computer by using a USB cable
  • Download iTunes and sync your iPhone
  • Select “Photos” and then tick the box that says “Sync photos from box” or similar
  • Choose which photos or even folders you would like to transfer
You can also transfer your data by using the browser on your iPhone or a Cloud service, such as DropBox, iCloud or Microsoft OneDrive.  

Transferring your apps

As the two phones run on different operating systems, you will have to download your favorite apps again once you move to a new phone. But the good news is that almost all of Google Play’s apps are also available for download on Apple’s App store – and even if you are not able to download the exact same app on your new iPhone, there are always similar versions you can try. As most apps today work with an online account system - Instagram and Duolingo, to name a few - by keeping your login information or connecting the app to Facebook, you won’t lose any of your data when you download them again to your new phone.