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Friday March 8th




  • Live
  • 12 PM
  • 2 500 FCFA
  • 15 000 FCFA
  • 15 units



Medical Electronic

  • Live
  • 04 PM
  • 6 200 FCFA
  • 11 000 FCFA
  • 10 units

Flash Sales Rules:

First come, first served ! Flash sales are victims of their success and stocks are limited. Flash sales can only last a few seconds. To maximize your chances to win :

Log in to the app a few minutes before and refresh the flash sale page regularly

Place your order on the application as soon as possible

The Amazing "Flash Sale 2019" is live on the Jumia Cameroon mobile App.

Be the 1st to order any eligible item for the Flash Sales and it will be yours at the discounted price you'll be seeing! If you were thinking about buying a dreamy cell phone or any other item at an affordable price, then you are in the right place. At Jumia, we offer you most affordable prices possible in Cameroon and even lower again during the period of the Flash Sale 2019. Don't be shy! You will definitely be mesmerized...Discover our best and latest offers on a wide range of phones, Tablets, Home Appliances and more . If you or any of your fellows have a product in mind, then Jumia will certainly be the only place to be. Our best offers are studied and compatible with any type of budget. All you have to do is to install the Jumia Online Shopping App on your smartphone and prepare yourself for the Flash Sales period to attempt benefiting from our exceptional discounts up to 90%.

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Caution : Limited In stock !!!