Energy Cup

Energy Cup - Cameroun
Energy Cup - Cameroun
  • Energy Cup - Cameroun
  • Energy Cup - Cameroun
Description :

The water you drink determines the health you get. Water as we know is the source of life and people's demand for water is second only to oxygen. Water accounts for 60% to 70% of adult weight, and acts as an intermediary in all life activities of human being. As water in the body can improve digestion, metabolism and blood circulation, balance body temperature, transform nutrients, nourish cells and excrete waste. Its quality is equvalent to that of life. Some detailed standards of the healthy drinking water can be vulgarly concluded as follows :
1. Do not contain any toxic, harmful or smelly substances..
2. Contain appropriate mineral composition that human body need.
3. pH value is presented as weak alkaline, from 7.45 to 8.
4. Dissolved oxigen more than 6mg/L, and contains appropriate carbon dioxide
5. Act as nutritional media by having functions like dissolution capacity, penetration capacity, diffusion capacity, metabolic capacity, emulsifying capacity, and cleaning capacity.
So far, it's only ALKALINE BALANCED WATER that can fully meet the above criteria. ALKALINE BALANCED WATER is not only suitable for long-term consumption by healthy people, but also plays an apparent role on regulating gastrointestinal and blood lipid, as well as anti-oxidant, anti-fatigue and beautifying.
Test this and you will have to co;plain about acidic detrimental effects in your body.

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