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Web Developer - Cameroun

Secteur d'activitéInformatique

Type de contratCDI

Description :

Eternal Company Limited is an innovative digital technology company. We uphold dearly our core values of futurism, aesthetics and performance as we build innovative technologies for companies worldwide and upgrade existing ones. We’ve been able to successfully match standards we set for ourselves in this regard as we propel the technologies of our clients to meet the pace of today’s digital market.

We are currently in need of a Frontend Web Developer to strengthen our digital team.


The mission of the Frontend developer is to conceive, design and develop complete web UIs using stable and propitious web technologies. The Frontend web developer would participate in all stages of the development of web applications, from concept to finishing of products.


The general tasks assigned to this role consist in:

• Participating in the design of the overall architecture of websites and web applications.

• Developing highly scalable designs while maintaining code integrity and organization.

• Developing the front end layer of web applications while maintaining modularity, encapsulation and abstraction.

• Conceiving aesthetically pleasing designs which respond to the communication objectives of these applications, and realizing these designs with the help of their coding skills.

• Collaborating with the entire engineering team to ensure inter-operability with different projects and technologies.


To be successful in this role, a Frontend Web Developer should:

• Have single-handedly built at least one complete web UI using web programming and mark-up languages, and not a CMS (choice of language is trivial, albeit revealing).

• Show acute mastery of the following web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4+, JavaScript (ES 5, ES 6), jQuery, Angular

• Have the ability to quickly learn, master and use new programming languages, frameworks and design architecture.

• Be able to use graphic creation tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

• Be a highly skilled WordPress Frontend designer

• Manifest a sense of creativity and competence in communication design

LOCATION: Bonapriso, Douala

APPLICATION MODALITY: Send a cover letter and a CV to [email protected]

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